GIF Workshop

Ever wondered how to make your own GIFs?

It's shockingly easy! Like, get a whole bunch done in less than an hour easy! 

The GIF Workshop offers you step-by-step training to create your own GIFs quickly and easily...and it's available for only $47!

Ever searched for a GIF you wanted but couldn't find?

Yeah, you probably have! Here's your chance to make it yourself. 

But what are the other reasons you may want to create your own GIFs? 

First, there's the fact that having your own GIFs helps you stand out above the crowd. You don't have to share another Michael Scott GIF in a sea of Michael Scotts. You can share your own beautiful face...or whatever it is you want to feature!

Next, there's the whole copyright thing. While nothing has been done about all these copyrighted images being shared wildly, there is potential legal ramifications when using images from television shows or movies on things like a sales page. 

And finally, it's just pretty damn fun and cool to see your GIFs in the wild. And see those GIPHY views roll in week after week. 

So how do you do it?

By saying yes to this easy breezy GIF Workshop. 

The workshop includes 4 training videos on:

  • how to use GIFs
  • how to create accounts on GIF platforms
  • how to research and use tags to get found
  • how to actually create those GIFs

All in all, the entire workshop is less than 30 minutes long, and you'll be ready to start creating your own GIFs as soon as you're done! 

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